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Audit And Assurance

Audit refers to the efficient inspection of a company’s records and accounts by a free firm, with the end goal of assessment or audit of the company’s well-being, financial or something else. Assurance services are review activities that are completed for an autonomous, objective assessment of an organization’s consistence activities or financial statements.

The goal of these audits is to build up to stakeholders that the company’s financial statements are accurate, and its activities are being performed with clarity, as per the applicable regulations and procedure.

Auditing and assurance might be financial, administrative, consistence-based, consultative or advisory in nature.

Benefits of Audit and Assurance Services:

  • Proactive Detection of Accounting Oversight
  • Credit Rating
  • Reassurance to Stakeholders
  • Help of Tax Payment
  • Company Valuation

We at Eccentric Business Setup Consultants have our group of specialists to enable business people to set up their audit and assurance work in Dubai and whatever remains of the UAE. Should you choose to open a business here, do get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.