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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Compulsory for each registered business to file VAT return in UAE?
A. Yes, it is necessary for all the registered businesses to submit the VAT return.

2. How will I file my VAT return in UAE?
A. VAT return in UAE should to be documented online. An enrolled business is required to set up the VAT return document in the prescribed format and file it online in the FTA website.

3. Do we have to keep compulsory books of accounts for VAT?
A. Yes there are sure arrangement of reports to be kept by every single registered individual for VAT, according to the rule issued by FTA.

4. Will I be permitted to file physical VAT return?
A. All the VAT returns will be accepted just in online mode.

5. Whether we are eligible to claim all Input VAT acquired in UAE?
A. Yes, input VAT brought about in UAE are qualified to claim and modify against the outout VAT, with the exception of on those particular cases reported by FTA. The vast majority of the input VAT is eligible to claim if this isn’t personal, or anything not related with the business.

6. What is the Return Filing Period in UAE VAT?
A. The standard VAT return filing period is on a quarterly premise. Just few businesses are relied upon to file VAT return on a month to month premise.

7. What is the due date to submit VAT return in UAE?
A. The last date to file VAT return is 28th of the subsequent month following the end of the tax time period.

8. Residential rents are VATable or is exempt?
A. No, residential rent or rentals or sales are exempt and isn’t liable to VAT. All business renting/deal/lease are liable to VAT, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by the FTA.

9. Is there any format in which the VAT returns should be submitted?
A. yes, the expert has recommended the VAT Return Format in which the points of supplies need to be provideed by the registered person.

10. I have imported the goods on which VAT is paid on an reverse charge premise. How should I declare the details in VAT return?
A. The VAT return form contains a different field for import of merchandise, in which you have to furnish the details.

11. Do I need to declare the details of supplies at emirate level in VAT return
A. Absolutely, emirate-wise supplies should be announced in the VAT return form.

12. My input tax amount is more than the output tax. By what means will I adjust and declare in the VAT return?
A. In the above case, it will bring about VAT refundable which can be conveyed forward to the next VAT return period or claim refund.

13. What will be the outcome of not filing the VAT return?
A. Failure to submit VAT return may prompt to tax and you might be at risk to pay liable penalties.