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Professional firms (Civil Companies)

For setting up an professional firm or civil company, 100% foreign possession is permitted. Such firms may participate in professional activities. The fundamental condition is the owner should have proficient degree in the separate field and ought to demonstrate that he/she has relevant experience in that specific field.

For example, Chartered Accountants, Management Consultancies, legal consultancies and so forth.

The procedure starts with the trade name application and approval, trailed by the initial approval.

Features of Professional Firm/Civil Company:

  • Professional organization or Civil company permit are issued just for professional activities
  • In professional firm or civil company 100 % foreign possession is permitted
  • For setting up of professional firm or Civil company development investors must have qualification and experience in related business
  • For professional company development local service specialist is compulsory
  • For professional firm arrangement in UAE , local service operator must be a UAE individual or 100 % UAE local owned company
  • In Professional permit trading exercises are not permitted

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