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External Audit

External audit is compulsory for all the companies registered in the UAE.

An External Audit is an examination and investigation of a business’s financial state performed by an Audit Firm not partnered with the business being audited. This procedure, as a rule, starts with an investigation of the business’s bookkeeping records to decide the accuracy of calculations and the recording processes used. One reason for this examination is to decide whether the business’s bookkeeping practices are valid and meet normal bookkeeping standards.

Why an External Audit is required?

In many cases, the external audit is required by entrepreneurs or business owners as a type of oversight of the business’s management. This is especially valid for large organizations where ownership and control are different. Owners/investors look for consolation that the management group is performing skillfully and that their interests in the organization are secure.In Dubai and the different Emirates of UAE, organizations are required to utilize accounting(bookkeeping) firms that have been approved by authorities.

There are six specific steps in the audit process that should be followed to ensure a successful audit:

  • Requesting Documents
  • Preparing an Audit Plan
  • Scheduling an Open Meeting
  • Conducting Fieldwork
  • Drafting a Report
  • Setting Up a Closing Meeting

Scope of Audit

Our audit and assurance practice gives both financial statement confirmation and integrated audit administrations. Our main goal is to enhance your financial reporting processes and to comply with International bookkeeping and auditing benchmarks.

we are verifying the accounting records and looking at different confirmations supporting the financial statements. The target of external review is to give assurance to the administration that the financial statement introduces a “true and fair” perspective of the organization’s financial execution.

We are approved and registered auditor & privileged to offer the following services:

  • IT Controls and its management
  • Performance reporting
  • Compliance with local and global law.
  • Business processes
  • Assurance to lenders
  • Management reports
  • Independent audit of financial statement.
  • Keeping customer updated about changes in bookkeeping rules & regulation.