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VAT Audit Services

We provide VAT Audit Services and VAT Refund Services to our customers to end the gap between VAT record and VAT reporting. We respect our customers with our important VAT Audit Services in Dubai and all over UAE, with adaptability and cost effectiveness. We have the group of local and international VAT Experts which handle VAT Audit Services for our customers.

Our team of VAT experts recognizes any finished or under charge Value Added Tax of legitimate understanding and suitable translation of relevant Value Added Tax Law by offering VAT audit services:

  • Audit services identified with VAT submission
  • Review of the Trial Balance, general records, party accounts
  • Update for any new tax announce/arrangements of law
  • Cross checking of figures
  • Vat Accounting

VAT Audit Workflow:

  • Defining the audit objectives
  • Scope of audit to satisfy the audit objectives
  • Verification of VAT Invoices
  • Verification of VAT Returns and calculations
  • Submission of final Audit Report with proposals