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International Coverage

We Can helps professional services firms across the international to success and Keep high worth customer. We Expert in the legal, financial services, accounting, consulting sectors and real estate, and work extensively in the UAE.

Based in Dubai, the Consultancy is a Limited professional formed years ago by Handling Director Eccentric Business. Over the years we have worked with many of the Top financial brands and expert services. In doing so we have advance to understand the business growth and customer relationship management challenges that international Coverage firms face. Our aim is to help firms and the professionals Business within them to win leading value work from the markets they serve.

If your Business has handle outside of the UAE or are living overseas, you require an guide who can gave accounting and tax guidance with a international aspect. For those company and private customer who need accounting and tax planning and agreement outside of the UAE, Eccentric Business gives approach to a network of legally independent firms in international.

What this Means for You:

Your engagement partner at serves as a single tip of connect for your international accounting and tax Coverage requires. We allows us to keep the satisfaction associated with local ownership and direct access to commitment makers while you advantage from particular and suitable advice in the geographies that are major to you.